Why you should always look at your direct mail…

Just got a flyer from Big Ed’s Family Restaurant here in Hamilton.

For $20.99, you can get yourself a 3 pound Big Ed’s Big Burger with 6 slices of cheese, fries, lettuce, tomato, pickle and cheese (add bacon for $1.50). Words don’t do this justice and can’t compare with the photo on the flyer.

And to go with your heart attack on a bun, you can order a side of Mootine, something new created by Ed Jr. This "meal in a bowl" comes with mashed potatoes, meatballs and gravy, topped with cheese and melted together. A 20 oz Mootine with 4 meatballs sells for just $4.99.

Good news. Big Ed’s will deliver your 3 pound burger straight to your door (no need to get dressed and if you keep the front door unlocked, they might even bring it straight to your couch). And if you’ve got those late night cravings, Big Ed’s is open until 2 a.m. Monday to Thursday, 4 a.m. Friday and Saturday and midnight on Sunday.

No word of whether Big Ed’s can FedEx anywhere in North America.

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Jay Robb

I've reviewed more than 500 business books for the Hamilton Spectator since 1999 and worked in public relations since 1993.

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