27 years in public relations turned into a 30-minute early morning walk & talk

If you’ve reached the end of Netflix, you can watch me talk about public relations while wandering through the woods for 30 minutes. Prof Wayne Aubert asked if I’d offer up some wisdom for Advertising students in an upcoming class. So I turned 27 years of working in PR into a half-hour stream of consciousness (with justContinue reading “27 years in public relations turned into a 30-minute early morning walk & talk”

Media relations 101 for entrepreneurs

My colleague Jane Allison and I got to spend a morning with entrepreneurs participating in the 2018 Lion’s Lair competition organized by the Innovation Factory in Hamilton, Ontario. We offered up media relations advice to an amazing group of job creators, prosperity builders, problem solvers and change makers. Jane and I have been running freeContinue reading “Media relations 101 for entrepreneurs”

The 2 questions you must answer with every media pitch

When pitching a story to the media, you need to answer the first two questions that every reporter, editor and producer will ask: Why should I care? Why should our readers, listeners and viewers care about the story you’re pitching? What problem are you solving? What opportunity are  you creating? How you are making ourContinue reading “The 2 questions you must answer with every media pitch”

Four non-stories that nonprofits love to continually pitch to the media

The always popular ribbon cutting ceremony, even with some guy in a Darth Vader costume with a light sabre, just isn’t news.  There’s no question your organization does amazing, worthy work. But don’t confuse worthy with newsworthy. Yes, it’s great that you’re moving into a new home or a bigger place. Or that you gotContinue reading “Four non-stories that nonprofits love to continually pitch to the media”

Media Relations Summer Camp Roundup

Jane Allison, the pretty remarkable Manager of Community Partnerships with The Hamilton Spectator, and I are more than happy to share our media relations summer camp gameplan with other communities that are looking to bring nonprofits & local media together. 2012 MEDIA RELATIONS SUMMER CAMP: Nearly two dozen campers from 13 community building organizations inContinue reading “Media Relations Summer Camp Roundup”

100 media relations rules

Download 100 Media Relations Rules Lessons learned & words of wisdom from PR pros and journalists        @jayrobb Always start your pitch with a clear & compelling answer to the question WSIC – why should I care? Anchor and build your pitch around a person with a compelling story that we can relate to AcceptContinue reading “100 media relations rules”

Book review: When the Headline is You

This review was orginally published in the March 14 edition of The Hamilton Spectator. When the Headline is You: An Insider’s Guide to Handling the Media By Jeff Ansell I happen to really like reporters. I like their slightly warped sense of humour, the bemused way they look at our mixed up world and theirContinue reading “Book review: When the Headline is You”