Book review: Do More Great Work

This review originally ran in The Hamilton Spectator on Oct. 25. Do More Great Work By Michael Bungay Stanier Workman Publishing Co ($14.95) When coworkers suddenly start leaving to unexpectedly pursue other opportunities, playing it safe can seem like the smart bet. So you stay well within your comfort zone. You make yourself busy andContinue reading “Book review: Do More Great Work”

Book review: Getting change right

Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations From the Inside Out By Seth Kahan Jossey-Bass $33.95 There’s something you should know before sending out that all-staff missive announcing the latest and greatest change initiative. Most of us won’t read your memo. We’re too busy with our day-to-day responsibilities and 40 other initiatives. We’re too distractedContinue reading “Book review: Getting change right”

Book review: Convince them in 90 seconds

Convince Them in 90 Seconds: Make Instant Connections That Pay Off in Business and in Life By Nicholas Boothman Workman Publishing $15.95 It doesn’t happen often but it happened a few weeks ago. I sat in on a really good presentation. A mercifully brief and tightly focused talk that got straight to the point. TheContinue reading “Book review: Convince them in 90 seconds”