Book review: 30 reasons to hate your boss

30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers: What Your People May Be Thinking And What You Can Do About It By Bruce Katcher Amacom, $27.95 Let me guess. You’re thinking why only 30 reasons? Did the author run out of time or pages in his book? Is he holding back for a sequel? Why, you couldContinue reading “Book review: 30 reasons to hate your boss”

Marching to your own drummer

Great article in yesterday’s Globe and Mail Careers section on mavericks at work. "Organizations love them and hire them because they are self-starting, creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, productive and passionate. Organizations also hate them and fire them because they get restless or don’t toe the line." Sound familiar? Career mavericks are typically rule-breakers, free spirits andContinue reading “Marching to your own drummer”

Kicking the tires

Got the chance to be on a six-member selection committee last week. We interviewed six candidates in four-a-half hours. 10-minute presentations and a lightning round of Q and As. Great learning experience. Biggest lesson learned?  If you’ve landed on the shortlist for interviews, your prospective future employer is really doing one thing and one thingContinue reading “Kicking the tires”

Book review: Make that speech brief, and give it passion

Public speaking is one of those skills that can make or break a career — so keep it simple The Elements of Great Public Speaking. How to be Calm, Confident and Compelling By J. Lyman MacInnis Ten Speed Press, $14.95 I wrote the worst speech I ever heard. I penned the remarks for the incomingContinue reading “Book review: Make that speech brief, and give it passion”