Book review: the power of collaboration

Teaching An Anthill To Fetch: Developing Collaborative Intelligence At Work By Stephen James Joyce, Mighty Small Books Who needs zoologists telling us that sea squirts may be our ancestral cousins? A quick look around the office gives conclusive evidence of an evolutionary link. Through the wonders of science, we’ve discovered that sea squirts share 80Continue reading “Book review: the power of collaboration”

Interviewers to become interviewees?

Sat in on another selection committee yesterday. Seven of us firing questions at some really good candidates. Had to wonder if someday soon we’ll be trading spots. Employers will become the ones getting interviewed. If demographers have it right, there won’t be enough Gen X and Y types to replace all the retiring Boomers. SoContinue reading “Interviewers to become interviewees?”

Answers? I don’t even know the questions.

Just finished reading and reviewing a book about collaborative intelligence. While it’ll come as a surprise to no one else, I’ve finally discovered I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I don’t know most of the questions. Blame my DNA for a bloody minded insistence on doing things solo (demographers will tell you usContinue reading “Answers? I don’t even know the questions.”

Rocking Boomers and a city going bust

The demographers are right. Boomers will never grow old. Saw The Police reunion tour in Toronto last night (thanks to Any there’s no such thing as a sold-out show). A trinity of Boomers on the stage — Sting is 56, Stewart Copeland’s 55 and Andy Summers is 64. And lots of Boomers in theContinue reading “Rocking Boomers and a city going bust”

A small fortune to be made…

… in helping folks at work figure out the otherwise obvious difference between what’s urgent and what’s important. We all know and for a while find amusing our short-of-breath / red-faced colleagues and supervisors who are always so very busy. Running here. Running there. Multi-tasking. Juggling many balls. Meeting multiple deadlines. Which is great ifContinue reading “A small fortune to be made…”

That explains a few things

Sat in on a great presentation about demographics. Here’s a breakdown of the categories we all know by now: Pre-Boomers (1934-45) Boomers (1946-59) Cusper (1960-68) Buster (1969-78) Netster (1979-88) Nexter (1989+) I’m a charter member of the Buster club. According to the demography gurus, my work ethic is all about principle and satisfaction. Lifestyle first,Continue reading “That explains a few things”

Some more recommended summer reading

And Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris. A debut novel about life at a dying ad agency with a cast of all-too-familar characters. Word to the wise. Don’t steal the still warm office chair of a Walking Spanish coworker. Game of Shadows by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams. Here’s hoping Barry BondsContinue reading “Some more recommended summer reading”

Where the jobs are and where they’ll be

Got a chance to hear former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich who was the keynote speaker at a conference for fundraising and PR types. He shared two great stories that are relevant to any community looking to hold on to their manufacturing jobs and stay competitive in a global economy (such as my community).Continue reading “Where the jobs are and where they’ll be”