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About Jay Robb

Head shot JayI’ve worked in public relations since 1993 and reviewed business books for the Hamilton Spectator since 1999. Starting in 2007, I’ve also helped run a free media relations summer camp as a thank you to nonprofits and community groups who are making Hamilton a better place to call home.

I’ve worked for a nonprofit association, a hospital, a steel company, a college and a university with responsibilities for media relations, speechwriting,  script writing, employee communications, social media, crisis communications, issues management and other duties as assigned. I’m currently manager of comms for McMaster University’s Faculty of Science where I’ll never be the smartest person in any room.

To answer the 4 most frequently asked questions about my book reviews:

  1. Yes, I read every book word for word, cover to cover.
  2. I’m a fast reader. And I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV. And I don’t have a Facebook account.
  3. I choose what books to review. I can’t bring myself to review business books that feature talking animals or lean on fables to sell a business idea that’s yet to be taken for a test-drive in the real world. Prefer instead to read books written by business journalists and business leaders who’ve practiced what they’re preaching.
  4. Review copies of business books can be sent to: Jay Robb, c/o Hamilton Spectator, 44 Frid Street, Hamilton, ON, L8N 3G3.
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  1. i was in greenville sc in nov 2012 during usa thanksgiving my wife and i drove down to meet my daughters in laws you should see it decorated for x mas plus the college football game
    betwwen the sc gamecocks and clemson is huge the ticat argo thing is very tame compared
    plan to retire in sc hamilton city council is not like a usa council i have been to 33 usa states
    downtown greeville is number 1 loved reading your article on the 14th

    April 17, 2014

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