Review: Born for This – How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do by Chris Guillebeau

born for thisThis review first ran in the April 25th edition of The Hamilton Spectator.

Born For This: How to Find The Work You Were Meant to Do

By Chris Guillebeau

Crown Business


One in 28,633,528.

Those are your odds for hitting this Friday’s LOTTO MAX jackpot according to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission.

To put that in perspective, you have about a one in a million chance of getting hit by lightning.

So you need a Plan B if you’re banking on lottery winnings as your retirement plan.

Lucky for us, there’s another lottery with far better odds. And when you hit this jackpot, you wind up rich and happy.

It’s the career lottery and Chris Guillebeau knows how to score the winning ticket.

“Winning a gazillion dollars in the lottery would be nice, but finding what you were meant to do is far more important,” says Guillebeau, author of Born for This and creator of the World Domination Summit.

“Most of us want a balanced life full of work that brings happiness and prosperity. We want to do something we enjoy. We want to put our skills to good use. And ideally, we don’t want to face a false choice between love or money – we’d like to do what we love and be well-compensated for it.”

Congratulations if you’ve already hit the career jackpot. If you’re still figuring it out or lost your way, Guillebeau can lend a hand.

The 100 Person Project is worth considering whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur.

List five problems that you’ve solved for co-workers, friends and family. When people need your help, what do they ask for? What can you do that others struggle with?

Now offer to solve those same problems for 100 people.

Offer a free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation by phone or Skype.

Start with people you know and trust. Referrals and online offers will get you the rest of the way.

Call people at the appointed time, stay on topic and stick to allotted time.

After your consultation, follow up with a thank-you and a recap of what you talked about.

The 100 Person Project will show you what you do best, enjoy most and reveal whether there’s good money to be made.

“The whole point is learning what you’re good at that other people want to pay for,” says Guillebeau. “This is hugely important.”

If there are few takers for what you’re offering for free, try again with a different solution.  If there’s keen interest, build your career around solving that problem.

Here’s another suggestion. Ask people what they do for a living. Their answers will tell you if they’ve hit the career jackpot or if they’ve settled for a soul-crushing job or a hobby that doesn’t pay the bills. Now ask how they got there. How did they discover what they born to do? Learn from their experiences.

Guillebeau offers practical advice on how to win the career lottery. Take the money you’d blow on LOTTO MAX tickets and buy his book instead. You’ll learn how to hit the jackpot on a lottery with far better odds of winding up happy and wealthy.



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