Book review: Innovative Intelligence

This review originally ran in the March 28 issue of The Hamliton Spectator. Innovative Intelligence: The Art and Practice of Leading Sustainable Innovation In Your Organization By David Weiss and Claude Legrand John Wiley & Sons $39.95 Innovation is important to the future success of your organization. Agree or disagree. Your organization is effective atContinue reading “Book review: Innovative Intelligence”

Book review: When the Headline is You

This review was orginally published in the March 14 edition of The Hamilton Spectator. When the Headline is You: An Insider’s Guide to Handling the Media By Jeff Ansell I happen to really like reporters. I like their slightly warped sense of humour, the bemused way they look at our mixed up world and theirContinue reading “Book review: When the Headline is You”