Book review: Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation

Grow From Within: Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation By Robert Wolcott and Michael Lippitz McGraw-Hill $37.95 Got the entrepreneurial itch? You might want to hold off on plans to quit your day job and turn your spare bedroom into world headquarters for Your Big Idea Inc. If your current employer’s smart and forward thinking, you’llContinue reading “Book review: Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation”

Book review: Freedom Inc and transforming from how and why organizations

NOTE — This is a really good book — the chapter on "how" and "why" organizations alone is worth the read. "How" organizations spell out exactly what employees should do. Not surprisingly, no one makes decisions and the CEO winds up playing the part of surrogate parent and referee. How organizations also tend to manageContinue reading “Book review: Freedom Inc and transforming from how and why organizations”