Jobs are the new assets (according to Time Magazine)

Time has its annual special issue on the 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now. Jobs are the new assets is #1. "Your portfolio is down 50%, your mortgage is worth more than your house and your savings account is barely visible. The job, meanwhile, is making a roaring comeback. We're rediscovering the job asContinue reading “Jobs are the new assets (according to Time Magazine)”

Book review: Real leaders don’t do PowerPoint

Real Leaders Don't Do PowerPoint: How to Sell Yourself and Your Ideas By Christopher Witt Crown Publishing $25 We're kicking off innovation show-and-tells at work next week. It's a new lunch-hour initiative that's a mix of showcase, support group and meet and greet. Practising and aspiring innovators will get together to bounce around ideas andContinue reading “Book review: Real leaders don’t do PowerPoint”

Memo from the CEO: you gotta laugh

Brilliant satire from Patricia Marx in the latest New Yorker. "A number of you have asked about the employee-suggested programs that were implemented last year. While we were all heartened by their popularity—yay, associate assistants!—most of them will be suspended. These include: Kitten Appreciation Moment, Say Hello Day, and the Mandatory Toilet Paper in theContinue reading “Memo from the CEO: you gotta laugh”