Pulling together a social media plan

So it started with a profile on David Plouffe in the latest issue of Esquire. Plouffe's the former campaign manager for Barack Obama. He's now heading up Organizing for America. Plouffe's the keeper of 13 million email addresses from the campaign. The plan is to stay connected with the army of volunteers who helped getContinue reading “Pulling together a social media plan”

Worth a read: Real leaders don’t do PowerPoint

About halfway thru Real Leaders Don't Do Powerpoint by Christopher Witt. Great book. Should be mandatory reading for anyone who has to stand and deliver. A few key points: 4 elements of a great speech: A great person A noteworthy event A compelling message A masterful delivery Leaders speak for only one of 3 reasons:Continue reading “Worth a read: Real leaders don’t do PowerPoint”

Book review: Ken Robinson and The Element

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything By Ken Robinson Viking Penguin $28.50 An elementary school teacher is giving a drawing class to six-year-olds. At the back of the room sits a girl who usually struggles to pay attention. Yet she's totally absorbed during the art lesson. The teacher is fascinated and after 20Continue reading “Book review: Ken Robinson and The Element”

Innovation Show and Tell

Just posted an Innovation Show and Tell plan to Slideshare. Looking to bring together folks at work who are passionate about applied research and innovation. Show and Tell will help spark conversations, build networks and support a culture of finding new and better ways to get the job done. Aiming to be Informative and interactive.Continue reading “Innovation Show and Tell”

Book review: Mission + margin = successful social enterprise

Mission, Inc.: The Practitioner's Guide to Social Enterprise By Kevin Lynch and Julius Walls Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. $21.95 I crashed a pretty cool meeting the other week. My employer was hosting the inaugural get-together of the Hamilton Social Enterprise Network. The meeting started in a boardroom, but strong turnout prompted a move across the hallContinue reading “Book review: Mission + margin = successful social enterprise”