A maximizing, empathetic, adaptable, futuristic activator

Did Gallup’s online strengths development program.

Results were pretty much dead-on. Helps explain why and how I can irritate folks to no end.

The program’s ideas for action summary is helpful.

My top 5 themes:

  1. Maximizer: seek to transform something strong into something superb. Introduce a spirit of optimism, energy and enthusiasm to individuals and groups. You have little interest in simply repeating what worked in the past.
  2. Empathy: can sense the feelings of other people. You allow people to experience and express their feelings. You can ilsten to anyone.
  3. Adaptability: prefer to go with the flow. You feel your life is a lot more interesting when you are not forced to follow set routines, rigid rules and/or predictable plans. Chances are good you avoid individuals who work non-stop, never taking a break. 
  4. Futuristic: Inspired by the future and what could be.  
  5. Activator: You seldom wait for orders or directions from people in positions of authority. You probably operate on the premise that it is better to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission. People who interfere with your progress probably irritate you.

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Jay Robb

I've reviewed more than 500 business books for the Hamilton Spectator since 1999 and worked in public relations since 1993.

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