Book review: It’s our ship so be an engaging leader

It’s Our Ship: The No-Nonsense Guide to Leadership By Michael Abrashoff Business Plus $28.99 New employee orientations can create memories that last a lifetime. Here’s what’s burned into my brain after some 100 hours worth of new hire welcome wagons. I remember the manager who wrapped up his presentation by pulling the trigger on aContinue reading “Book review: It’s our ship so be an engaging leader”

Book review: 7 choices worth making

Boom! 7 Choices For Blowing The Doors Off Business-as-UsualBy Kevin and Jackie FreibergThomas Nelson$19.99 We’re at a waterpark resort in the honeymoon capital of Canada. It’s been a great day for the kids. A long day for the parents. And the night is still young. We’re off to a bedtime story in the front lobby.Continue reading “Book review: 7 choices worth making”

A maximizing, empathetic, adaptable, futuristic activator

Did Gallup’s online strengths development program. Results were pretty much dead-on. Helps explain why and how I can irritate folks to no end. The program’s ideas for action summary is helpful. My top 5 themes: Maximizer: seek to transform something strong into something superb. Introduce a spirit of optimism, energy and enthusiasm to individuals andContinue reading “A maximizing, empathetic, adaptable, futuristic activator”