Book review: Community

Community: The Structure of Belonging By Peter Block Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. $29.95 Vote early and vote often. I’m running for president. I announced my candidacy the morning after a changing of the guard was announced at work. This will be a high-tech, high-touch campaign. You’ll get to watch YouTube clips, download free ringtones (“I’m JayContinue reading “Book review: Community”

Book review: Smart people swayed into doing stupid things

Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior By Ori and Rom Brafman Doubleday, $25 It's Monday night and I'm about to do something stupid and ironic. Instead of reviewing a book about irrational behaviour, I add my own chapter. I go for a bike ride. As my wife points out, "it's dark. It's going toContinue reading “Book review: Smart people swayed into doing stupid things”

One more reason to live in Chicago…

Fast Company magazine has named Chicago and London its 2008 cities of the year. Fun facts about Chicago: 29% of downtown Chicago residents have graduate degrees — that's 3.3 times the U.S. average. 30 Fortune 500 companies have headquarters in metro Chicago, second only to New York. If you agree to build green, you getContinue reading “One more reason to live in Chicago…”

Book review: Follow the leader (or not)

Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change and Changing Leaders By Barbara Kellerman Harvard Business Press, $32.95 I'm not laughing. And I'm not having fun. Five minutes ago, I was having a great time. I'm at a volunteer appreciation dinner and learning the hard way there's no such thing as a free meal. Printed at theContinue reading “Book review: Follow the leader (or not)”