Follow the leader…

Just read Followership by Barbara Kellerman. Review coming this weekend. A must-read book that questions why we overvalue leaders and undervalue followers. And warns about the costs and risks of disengaged followers who do nothing and know little whether at work or in the community. Here in Hamilton, 63% of registered voters didn't bother to cast ballotsContinue reading “Follow the leader…”

Book review: Leading change the right way

It Starts With One: Changing Individuals Changes Organizations J. Stewart Black and Hal Gregersen Wharton School Publishing, $26.99 I’m camped out at the photocopier, cranking out the latest and greatest change and transition newsletter. A co-worker wanders by as I kill a forest worth of trees. The co-worker doesn’t share my zeal for all thingsContinue reading “Book review: Leading change the right way”

The person you don’t want to be in 2 years

Having done the slow crawl commute from Hamilton to Toronto earlier this week, here’s who I wouldn’t want to be in 2 years. A suburban-living, SUV-driving commuter. With a $250,000 mortgage. And a 4-year lease on a gas guzzler. You’re going to get hammered at the pumps. Hammered with home heating and cooling costs. AndContinue reading “The person you don’t want to be in 2 years”

How to stand and deliver a memorable presentation

Good advice in today’s Globe and Mail from consultant Garr Reynolds on 6 lessons for effective presentations: Develop rapport with the audience. It’s not about you. It’s all about them. Build a connection. Give your audience an idea of where you’re going. Tell them you have 3 things you want to talk about. Show yourContinue reading “How to stand and deliver a memorable presentation”

Book review: How to be a game changing innovator

The Game Changer: How You Can Drive Revenue and Profit Growth With Innovation A.G. Lafley and Ram Charan Crown Business, $32 I’ve just stunned a bunch of students. We’re meeting to review their year-end assignments. I’m here to offer constructive criticism on their public relations plans. But the plans are pretty good and they graduateContinue reading “Book review: How to be a game changing innovator”

These aren’t tears of joy…

Went to a volunteer appreciation dinner this week. Great bunch of people doing great work in the community. Great conversations. Great food. But there’s no such thing as a free meal. After dessert came the guest speaker. And if you’re somewhat of an introvert, who wouldn’t you want to see step up to the podium?Continue reading “These aren’t tears of joy…”