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Are you a Hillary or an Obama at work?

Courtesy of Rebecca Dube from today’s Globe and Mail.

Office archetypes: experience vs. charisma

You’re an Obama if:

  • People admire your charisma, vision and dazzling smile
  • You hate it when people don’t have hope
  • Office reputation: daydream believer
  • Behind your back, supporters remix your speeches into music videos
  • Detractors complain you’re a lightweight

You’re a Hillary if:

  • People admire your reliability, work ethic and determination
  • You hate it when people don’t have all the facts
  • Office reputation: bossy britches
  • Behind your back, your supporters rave about your Powerpoint presentations
  • Detractors complain you’re unlikable

"Translated to the office, the Hillary types work hard and earn respect but don’t inspire, while the Obama types fire everyone up with their grand visions but struggle to persuade people they can get the job done," writes Dube.

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