Dishpig flashbacks

For all of us who’ve worked in restaurants, a great read from Stewart Onan.

Last Night at the Lobster.

An entire book about the final shift at a rundown Red Lobster on the edge of a dying mall in New England during a late December blizzard, told from the perspective of the manager who’s being reassigned to a nearby Olive Garden.

The book (one of Entertainment Weekly’s Top 10 books of the year) will bring back fond memories for anyone who’s worked in the food service industry.

Through high school, I worked as a dish pig, bus boy, host and weekend cleaner at a Mother Tucker’s before the chain became an all-you-stuff-into-your-cakehole buffet-emporium. And after graduating from university under the false assumption that employers would beat a path to my door, I worked at the same restaurant (same owners) reborn as Cowboy Angelos, which presented a less-than-winning combination of Italian and Western themes. Worked as a host, very briefly as a waiter and did the books on the weekend which did not in any way contribute to the restaurant’s spectacular flameout.

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