Two tales about the search for talent

As a follow up to Saturday’s review of Leadership Solutions, two quick stories. A college prof just organized an event for students to mix and mingle with recent grads and employers. One of the employers came to the event with 150 jobs that can’t be filled. Not enough qualified candidates and too much competition. AtContinue reading “Two tales about the search for talent”

Book review: Functional Frank vs. Holistic Holly

Leadership Solutions: The Pathways to Bridge the Leadership Gap By David Weiss, Vince Molinaro and Liane Davey John Wiley & Sons, $41.99 "People speak very highly of you," says your colleague. That’s nice, you think. "Everyone says you have loads of potential," adds your colleague. Also nice but then there’s a pause. A long, uncomfortableContinue reading “Book review: Functional Frank vs. Holistic Holly”

Book review: Turning knowing into doing

Know Can Do! Put Your Know-How into Action By Ken Blanchard, Paul Meyer and Dick Ruhe Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. ($23.95) I went to a conference in Chicago this summer and here’s what I learned. Mr. Beef makes a truly inspired Italian beef sandwich. Just skip the small talk that seems to annoy the tough guyContinue reading “Book review: Turning knowing into doing”