Very, very good (and revealing) interview questions

Courtesy of a story in today’s Careers section in the Globe and Mail by Tony Martin.

Six questions that six seasoned hiring managers ask job candidates.

  1. I had a really bad day. Can you tell me something funny?  Wrong answer — sorry, I can’t think of anything amusing.
  2. What is the greatest service experience you’ve had? Wrong answer — being clueless about the difference between good from truly great service.
  3. Tell us what began as your most frustrating or tough day, and what you did so that it ended up being your most productive day? Wrong answer — revealing a lack of personal initiative.
  4. Which of your strengths can lead to problems? Wrong answer — pretending you don’t have a weakness which exposes an interview-killing lack of self-awareness.
  5. Tell us about a time you had a great idea and what you did with it? Wrong answer — drawing a blank and acting as though you’ve never had a good idea or any idea at all.
  6. What do you hope this job is not? Wrong answer — saying that you like to do anything and everything.

Get the right answers here.

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