Very, very good (and revealing) interview questions

Courtesy of a story in today’s Careers section in the Globe and Mail by Tony Martin. Six questions that six seasoned hiring managers ask job candidates. I had a really bad day. Can you tell me something funny?  Wrong answer — sorry, I can’t think of anything amusing. What is the greatest service experience you’veContinue reading “Very, very good (and revealing) interview questions”

Book review: Leadership by focusing on the fundamentals

Doing What Matters: How to Get Results That Make a Difference – The Revolutionary Old-School Approach By James Kilts, Crown Business, $35 I got lucky and had a chance to work for Hamilton’s answer to Jack Welch. He was a hometown CEO who took a company on the ropes and turned it into an industryContinue reading “Book review: Leadership by focusing on the fundamentals”

Great news for all C students

Great article in the Sept. 10 issue of Maclean’s on why C+ students end up running the world (Do Grades Really Matter?). "Creative thinkers, the kind who transform how we see things, have characteristics such as curiosity, appetite for risk and an open mind," says reporter Sarah Scott. These students aren’t so good at beingContinue reading “Great news for all C students”