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If I was CEO for a day…

Anyone who blind cc’d someone on an e-mail would have to dress up as a hotdog wiener and personally apologize to all those who were blindsided.

Anyone who looked through and walked past the cleaning staff without saying hello would have to spend the rest of the day cleaning bathroooms.

Anyone who kept checking and replying on their Crackberry during a presentation would have to go to the front of the room and sing a song of the presenter’s choice.

Anyone without children who rolled their eyes at a colleague who couldn’t stay late because they didn’t want to miss their son or daughter’s soccer game, recital or school play would have to spend a weekend babysitting their coworker’s kids.

Anyone who called a meeting because it’s 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday and a meeting is always called for that time regardless of whether there’s anything to discuss would have to cater a 3-course lunch for their colleagues.

Anyone who walked past a wayward visitor, customer or supplier in the hallway or parking lot would have to spend the next 48 hours manning the general information line, help desk and front lobby reception area.

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