Grow down. Not up.

Drove to Long Point Provincial Park on the weekend for a family roadtrip.

Warm and sunny when we left home. Rainy, cold and windy when we hit the beach. Felt like mid-April.

While the grown-ups grumbled about hypothermia, the kids had a blast. Dug holes in the sand to bury their feet. Chased after seagulls. Built and destroyed sand castles. The stormy weather meant big waves pounding the sand bars so out my daughter and I went for our very own wave pool.

This followed last weekend’s trip to the community pool. Basically an oversized and unheated concrete bathtub built a long time ago. Water apparently came from a melted glacier. Yet again, the kids had a blast once they wandered over to a much-warmer wading pool and their lips lost their shade of blue.

Got taught a lesson I often forget about seeing the world through kids’ eyes. Make the best of what’s around and don’t get too caught up in a grown-up world that’s often way too short on fun. Our kids won’t remember what we did at work, have warm thoughts about our performance appraisals and take pride in our job titles. They’ll remember being at an empty beach in the rain having a blast with mom and dad.

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Jay Robb

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