Job interviews from the other side

Seem to have spent a good chunk of the summer sitting in on job interviews. A few helpful hints for job hunters: Know a lot about the organization you’ve applied to. Google ’em. If you can’t make the effort do your homework for an interview, just how little initiative will you take in your job?Continue reading “Job interviews from the other side”

A golden opportunity goes off the rails…

Went to Hamilton’s Museum of Steam and Technology on the weekend. Free admission so the price was right. Anyone with young kids knows all about Thomas the Tank Engine. We’ve spent far too many hours reading and watching Thomas and his Really Useful Friends get into crazy misadventures on the Island of Sodor. At theContinue reading “A golden opportunity goes off the rails…”

Why you should always look at your direct mail…

Just got a flyer from Big Ed’s Family Restaurant here in Hamilton. For $20.99, you can get yourself a 3 pound Big Ed’s Big Burger with 6 slices of cheese, fries, lettuce, tomato, pickle and cheese (add bacon for $1.50). Words don’t do this justice and can’t compare with the photo on the flyer. AndContinue reading “Why you should always look at your direct mail…”

Book review: Building better teams

Go Team! Take Your Team To The Next Level By Ken Blanchard, Alan Randolph and Peter Grazier (Berrett Koehler Publishers, Inc. $18.95) I’m trying my best to be a better team player but it’s not easy. First, I’m a GenXer. We’re predisposed to working solo and cringe at the prospect of group hugs and playingContinue reading “Book review: Building better teams”

Worth reading: Damage Control

Just picked up a copy of Damage Control: Why everything you know about crisis management is wrong. Book review coming in a couple weeks. Damage Control should be a mandatory read for all PR types and senior leaders. Challenges conventional wisdom around managing a crisis (surrender, give in to demands, get folks to like youContinue reading “Worth reading: Damage Control”