Rocking Boomers and a city going bust

The demographers are right. Boomers will never grow old.

Saw The Police reunion tour in Toronto last night (thanks to Any there’s no such thing as a sold-out show). A trinity of Boomers on the stage — Sting is 56, Stewart Copeland’s 55 and Andy Summers is 64. And lots of Boomers in the audience at the Air Canada Centre. And here’s the thing. The band was phenomenal and delivered a great concert from start to finish. At the top of their game. And clearly nowhere near their best-before expiration date.

Spent the afternoon wandering around the city. What the hell has happened to Toronto? Queen Street was filthy and Yonge Street just seemed tired. Covered in graffiti and handbills. And smelling like the inside of my son’s Diaper Genie. Toronto needs to clean itself up in a hurry. Neither street is the destination it used to be or could be. Start by washing down the streets at night and painting over the graffiti.

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Jay Robb

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