That explains a few things

Sat in on a great presentation about demographics. Here’s a breakdown of the categories we all know by now:

  • Pre-Boomers (1934-45)
  • Boomers (1946-59)
  • Cusper (1960-68)
  • Buster (1969-78)
  • Netster (1979-88)
  • Nexter (1989+)

I’m a charter member of the Buster club. According to the demography gurus, my work ethic is all about principle and satisfaction. Lifestyle first, work second. No need to lead. Loyal to skills instead of an employer. Don’t care what others think. Prefer to work alone. Technically savvy. Must have a mission. Individual first. I win, you win mindset.

In terms of communciation styles..Just do it. Just tell me what you want done and I’ll do it. Do not participate, attend meetings or need to hear others’ opinions. Want people to get the result as quickly and quietly as possible. I know what kind of job I’m doing. If a boss recognizes my work, that’s nice but it’s frosting on the cake. We hate strategic planning, because how can you honestly know what’s going to happen next week, much less five years from now?

And from the seminar handout, this great insight…

"When a Boomer says to a Boomer, ‘this needs to be done’, both understand that’s an order but nicely put. Likewise, when a Boomer says to a Boomer, ‘would you mind’, the anticipated answer is ‘no, of course not’.

However, when a Boomer says to a Buster, ‘this needs to be done’, the Buster hears an observation, not an order. Boomers are astounded when they ask a Buster ‘would you mind’ and they state quite frankly the reasons why they would mind."

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